Biedronka Beats Lidl in Price Comparison

Biedronka Beats Lidl in Price Comparison

Biedronka, a popular discount supermarket in Poland, has reclaimed the top spot in a price comparison conducted by the publication „Fakt.” The comparison involved a basket of 25 products, with Biedronka slightly surpassing Lidl in terms of affordability.

In response to the previous ranking, Biedronka recalculated the „Fakt” basket and emerged as the more economical option. In a promotional leaflet published on October 2, 2023, Biedronka stated, „Everyday low prices are our true promise! In the 'Fakt’ ranking published a few days ago, we were not number one. That’s why we bought the same products again, both from ourselves and our competition. We are pleased to announce that the basket of 25 essential products is the cheapest at Biedronka.”

In the initial ranking by „Fakt” on September 11, Lidl offered the lowest-priced basket at 121.50 PLN, while at Biedronka, the same products totaled 123.13 PLN. Dino and Lewiatan followed, with prices of 174.24 PLN and 206.26 PLN, respectively.

To solidify their position, Biedronka decided to compare prices once again on September 19, this time with Lidl. The updated ranking placed Biedronka in first place, with a basket amounting to 177.11 PLN, only slightly cheaper than Lidl’s basket, which totaled 178.31 PLN.

It is worth noting which specific items contributed to the price increase at both Biedronka and Lidl, bringing them closer to the price range of other stores. The biggest price increases were observed in Nescafe coffee (up by 11 PLN for a 200g pack), boneless chicken fillet (an increase of 8.41 PLN), boneless pork chop (up by 4.96 PLN), and Kujawski oil (an increase of 3.31 PLN).

Lidl, in their October leaflet, did not provide their own basket of products but simply shared figures from „Fakt” in September and ASM Sales Force Agency from previous months. According to these sources, Lidl was declared the cheapest store in Poland, surpassing Auchan and Biedronka on the podium.

Sources: „Fakt” and ASM Sales Force Agency.

Julia Rządzińska