The End of Brewery Production in Leżajsk, Poland

The End of Brewery Production in Leżajsk, Poland

A brewery located in Leżajsk, Poland, which is part of the Żywiec Group, has recently ceased its production. According to, 83 employees were provided with severance packages totaling 21.5 million PLN. The company states that only 20% of this amount was required by labor law regulations.

The company clarifies that the employees received severance packages based on internal agreements, as well as additional funds for retraining.

In a letter to local authorities in Leżajsk, Simon Amor, the CEO of the Żywiec Group, stated that they believe this level of support will help the employees navigate this difficult change in their lives.


– Severance packages: Compensation that is provided to employees who have been terminated from their jobs, typically including financial benefits and other resources to support their transition.
– Labor law regulations: Rules and regulations that govern the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in the workplace.

Krzysztof Hajdas