Ice Cream Production in the European Union Reaches 3.2 Billion Liters in 2022

Ice Cream Production in the European Union Reaches 3.2 Billion Liters in 2022

According to data from Eurostat, ice cream production in the European Union (EU) reached 3.2 billion liters in 2022, a 5% increase compared to the previous year. Germany emerged as the largest producer, while France was the largest exporter.

In 2022, EU countries produced a total of 3.2 billion liters of ice cream, representing a 5% growth compared to the previous year. Leading the production was Germany with 620 million liters of ice cream, followed by France with 591 million liters and Italy with 571 million liters.

Apart from being the largest producer of ice cream in 2022, Germany also had the lowest average price, with ice cream costing 1.5 euros per liter. France reported an average price of 1.9 euros per liter, while Italy reported an average price of 2.3 euros per liter.

On the other hand, the most expensive ice cream was produced in Austria, with an average price of 7.0 euros per liter, followed by Denmark with 4.4 euros per liter, and Finland with 2.8 euros per liter.

In terms of exports, EU countries exported 250 million kilograms of ice cream to countries outside the EU, with a total value of 930 million euros in 2022. Conversely, imports of ice cream from non-EU countries amounted to 61 million kilograms, valued at 203 million euros.

France emerged as the largest exporter of ice cream among all EU countries, exporting 53 million kilograms in 2022, surpassing the Netherlands (42 million kilograms), Italy (31 million kilograms), Germany (28 million kilograms), and Belgium (23 million kilograms).

In summary, ice cream production in the EU experienced steady growth in 2022, with Germany as the leading producer and France as the main exporter. The prices of ice cream varied across countries, with Austria having the highest average price per liter. It will be interesting to observe how these trends evolve in the coming years.

– Eurostat: Statistical Office of the European Union providing reliable and comparable statistical information.
– EU: European Union, a political and economic union of 27 member states located primarily in Europe.

Sources: Eurostat, Shutterstock

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