PGE aims to achieve zero-emissions by 2040

PGE aims to achieve zero-emissions by 2040

PGE, the largest Polish power company, has updated its strategy to achieve zero-emissions by 2040, 10 years earlier than previously planned. The company aims to transition away from coal by 2030 and from gas to hydrogen and alternative fuels by 2040. This ambitious goal will make PGE the first energy group in Poland to achieve zero-emissions.

To achieve this, PGE has outlined the following investments:

– Offshore wind farms: PGE plans to build 2.5 GW of capacity by 2030, with a target of at least 7 GW by 2040, taking into account the involvement of partners.

– Onshore wind farms: The company aims to reach 1.5 GW of capacity by 2030.

With these investments in renewable energy, PGE is taking significant steps towards decarbonization and reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. The transition to wind power will play a crucial role in achieving the company’s emission reduction targets.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition towards cleaner energy sources. This shift is driven by the urgent need to mitigate climate change and the growing viability of renewable technologies.

PGE’s updated strategy reflects the accelerating pace of electrification in various sectors of the economy. As the largest power company in Poland, PGE’s commitment to zero-emissions by 2040 sets a significant precedent for the energy industry in the country.

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Paweł Banaś