New Bank Account Offers: Earn up to 600 zł Bonus and High Interest Rates

New Bank Account Offers: Earn up to 600 zł Bonus and High Interest Rates

Customers planning to switch their bank account can now receive up to 600 zł as a bonus. But that’s not all – a personal account can come in handy for opening a new savings account with a high promotional interest rate. This can significantly increase the profit from such an operation. Becoming a new customer opens many doors in the banking market.

For customers who have not used a particular bank account before, they can earn up to 600 zł by changing their banking service provider. What’s more, the best savings accounts are usually linked to the condition of having a personal account. By combining these two products, a significant sum can be accumulated. I have selected five offers on the market with a bonus exceeding 400 zł and an interest rate of no less than 6.50% per annum on a savings account. However, this is the last chance to get such a bonus. Why? Firstly, the end of the promotion often coincides with the end of the month. Two of the personal account offers listed below will expire within the next two weeks. Secondly, interest rates on savings accounts. The likely cuts in interest rates in September will be accompanied by decreases in rates on savings products in banks.

Here is a summary of the top bank offers:

1. VeloBank – Bonus: 600 zł, Interest Rate: 7.50%, Valid until August 31, 2023.
2. mBank – Bonus: 450 zł + 150 zł voucher for Biedronka, Interest Rate: 8.00%, Valid until September 27, 2023.
3. Bank Millennium – Bonus: 500 zł, Interest Rate: 7.00%, Valid until September 30, 2023 or depletion of accounts.
4. BNP Paribas Bank Polska – Bonus: 480 zł, Interest Rate: 6.50%, Valid until September 10, 2023 or depletion of registrations.
5. Alior Bank – Bonus: 450 zł, Interest Rate: 7.00%, Valid until September 30, 2023 or September 25, 2023.


VeloBank currently offers the highest monetary bonus for opening a personal account as part of the „Welcome to VeloBank – edition 1/2023” promotion. The bonus is aimed at new customers who have not had an account with the bank since October 31, 2022. Customers also need to agree to marketing consents and open a VeloSkarbonka savings account to participate in the promotion. To earn the bonus, customers need to make card or Blik payments, with the bank rewarding them by returning 10% of the transaction value. The monthly limit is 100 zł, and customers can claim the refund for the next 6 months.

mBank’s promotional offer, „Gain a Bonus with eKonto osobiste,” allows new customers to earn up to 450 zł. To qualify, customers must verify their status as new customers and meet specific deposit and transaction requirements. In addition to the bonus, customers can also receive a voucher worth 150 zł for the Biedronka store.

Bank Millennium offers a bonus of 500 zł for opening a personal account, along with an interest rate of 7.00% on the Moje cele savings account. The promotional interest rate is valid for three consecutive calendar months from the account opening date.

These are just a few examples of the attractive offers available in the banking sector. Customers are encouraged to compare the terms and conditions of various banks to find the best deal for their specific needs.

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Jarosław Antoszczyk