Police warn against clicking on links in SMS messages from unknown senders

Police warn against clicking on links in SMS messages from unknown senders

Police are constantly warning against clicking on links in SMS or MMS messages from unknown senders. Through this common method, many people have already lost a lot of money. Scammers have not tired of phishing for bank details through SMS messages. Usually, it looks like this: we receive a message on our number about a package being withheld by a courier due to a small amount owed, which could be just a few zlotys or even cents. The SMS may also appear as an order that cannot be delivered due to an oversized package, with a request to pay a certain amount to complete the order.

It’s important to note that the sender of the SMS could impersonate a courier, mobile network operator, bank employee, or utility service provider. In these cases, the scammer provides an opportunity to settle the debt by clicking on a link. However, it is better not to click on the link, as entering personal bank details could have devastating consequences. Many people have already lost large sums of money as a result.

SMS messages from unknown senders should be treated with extreme caution and, if in doubt, it is advisable to directly contact the supposed sender (such as the courier or service provider). Taking the time to verify the situation through a phone call or email is definitely better than risking losing one’s savings.

Source: Dobreprogramy.pl

Additional information: It is important to be vigilant and skeptical of any unexpected messages, especially those requesting personal or financial information. Scammers often use social engineering techniques to deceive unsuspecting individuals into divulging sensitive data. Always verify the authenticity of any communication by cross-checking information through legitimate channels or contacting the supposed sender directly. It is better to be cautious and take the necessary steps to protect oneself from falling victim to scams.

Jarosław Antoszczyk