Donald Tusk announces proposal to eliminate health insurance changes in Poland

Donald Tusk announces proposal to eliminate health insurance changes in Poland

During a program congress in Tarnow, Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Platform party, presented specific proposals for entrepreneurs, including the announcement to eliminate changes in health insurance introduced by Law and Justice (PiS) in the Polish Deal.

Currently, health insurance contributions are one of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs who tax their revenues under the linear personal income tax (PIT) or the progressive PIT scale. Only taxpayers who have chosen the lump-sum income tax pay a fixed health insurance contribution, based on three income brackets (up to 60,000 PLN, from 60,000 PLN to 300,000 PLN, and above 300,000 PLN).

The proposed elimination of the health insurance changes introduced by PiS aims to address the concerns and burdens faced by entrepreneurs. By removing these changes, it is expected that the financial burden of health insurance contributions for entrepreneurs will be reduced.

It is important to note that health insurance contributions play a significant role in the overall tax and social security system in Poland. These contributions fund the National Health Fund, which provides medical services and coverage to individuals. By adjusting the current system, Tusk aims to create a more favorable environment for entrepreneurs and reduce their financial obligations.

This proposal by Donald Tusk is part of the ongoing discussions surrounding the Polish Deal and the various economic and social reforms being pursued by different political parties. As the leader of the Civic Platform, Tusk presents his party’s stance on these issues and offers specific solutions to address the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.


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