Majority of PiS Voters Support Conditional Repeal of Sunday Trading Ban

Majority of PiS Voters Support Conditional Repeal of Sunday Trading Ban

According to a recent survey conducted by UCE Research for, as a general rule, PiS voters support their party’s actions in limiting Sunday trading. When asked whether the ban should be lifted, 56% of them claim that it should not. However, the situation changes when the question is posed in a different way – whether the ban should be lifted on the condition that employees receive double pay for working on Sundays and only voluntary workers are expected to work.

In response to this question, a significant 61% of PiS voters answered positively. Among voters of other parties, the percentage is even higher, with over 70% in favor. The exceptions are the Confederation (65% in favor) and Independent Local Government Representatives (58.4%).

These results indicate that while PiS voters generally support the existing ban on Sunday trading, they are more open to the possibility of its repeal if certain conditions are met. The idea of providing double pay for employees working on Sundays, as well as allowing them to opt for voluntary work, seems to be appealing to a majority of PiS voters.

It is worth noting that the issue of the Sunday trading ban remains a topic of debate and discussion in Poland. While supporters argue that it protects workers’ rights and allows for more family time, opponents claim that it negatively impacts small businesses and limits consumer choice.

Overall, the survey findings shed light on the nuanced opinions among PiS voters regarding the Sunday trading ban, highlighting their willingness to consider alternative approaches that take into account the needs of employees.

– UCE Research survey conducted for

Paweł Banaś